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Passion Computing provides quality website design, development, production, website consultancy and related services of domain name registration and hosting to clients in Australia, U.S., Canada, UK, New Zealand and Europe. We have completed website project work for a wide range of business clients; colleges and universities, ebay merchants, online businesses, marketing/advertising agencies, large not for profit organizations, business professionals, authors, entrepreneurs, WAHM businesses, Australian Job Network Providers, parliamentarians and small to medium sized private companies. Industries include: tourism, business services, education, government related, retail and wholesale, internet businesses, community organizations. The personal service that we offered to website development clients, took a natural course and expanded to domain name and hosting services, which are provided to a wide range of clients in Australia and internationally. All hosting services are provided in a secure datacenter and managed by experienced technicians.


Bruce Andrewartha Director



Bruce Andrewartha is a talented computer programmer, systems analyst and systems architect who is not only highly competent in numerous computer languages and applications but has the ability to communicate and translate this knowledge into the development of stable, user friendly systems and applications. He has taught second and third year students at Deakin University and first year students at Swinburne University. He is passionate about computers.

Bruce has been working on the internet since its conception, and has programmed a variety of programs and applications and has the unique ability of turning concepts to completed projects. He is able to foresee issues with design and development in the feasibility stage, meaning that time is not lost chasing unattainable goals.

" I just like to help others, whether that be through teaching or making software. It gives me great enjoyment to see others benefit from my knowledge" Bruce Andrewartha

  • ASP systems architect and developer for large company intranet in 2000 that services 120 users.
  • consulting on the integration of company databases with government systems
  • development and implementation of a survey application written in SQL and installed over the company intranet that enables survey creation and collation of results
  • ASP.net systems architect and programmerof dynamic website that will allow users to have complete control over web content and publish an unlimited number of webpages.
  • ASP.net systems architect and developer of extranet that operates as a private website for company communication.
  • Facebook application developer
  • project manager third year University student Industry projects
  • w3.org HTML compliant website programming with CSS style sheets
  • PHP programming and My SQL databases
  • consulting and implementation of online applications like online dating websites, membership sites, mailing lists, custom forms, online surveys
  • Tutor second and third year University students, Deakin University Melbourne
  • Tutor first year University students, Swinburne University Lilydale

Educational Achievements

Student Award winner from the Australian Computer Society 
Winner of the Most Outstanding Third Year Student for Bachelor of Management Information Systems, Deakin University 
Bachelor of Management Information Systems
Diploma of Information Systems (Software Development) 
Certificate IV in Information Technology. 
Certificate 4 in Small Business Management

Summary of Skills

Bruce Andrewartha has been programming in ASP since 1997. He has significant programming and design skills and mastery in ASP.net, MS SQL, My SQL, C++, Visual Basic Script, C#, PHP, CGI Script, HTML, Java, JavaScript, XML, Ajax as well as software programs such as Photoshop, MS Access, Excel, Word. He understands computer hardware configuration and networking and can work both on Windows and Linux platforms. His comprehensive programming and computer background and his ability to communicate to clients enable him to provide quality software solutions on time and on budget.


Bruce has been programming in ASP and MS SQL since 1997. The first project he undertook was a web based mapping system that allowed users to map their holiday. The system calculated optimum routes through popular tourist destinations. Bruce was the chief architect and programmer for this system.

In 2000, Bruce developed a company intranet for a private company of 120 employees. The web based application allowed employees to share documents and managed human resource functions like lodging and processing staff holiday applications. It was also developed to allow staff to input staff satisfaction surveys via their terminals and the system compiled data into report format for management to review. The statistical application was developed in MS SQL.

In 2002, Bruce developed a content management system for an organic food co-operative. This content management system allowed members of the co-operative to register and post information on the co-operative’s website. The website and mailing list became central to the operations of the co-operative and a website forum was also developed by Bruce to allow co-operative members to communicate and discuss issues relating to the running of the co-operative. The website had both public and private (members only) web pages.

In 2003, this content management system was further developed and refined. Bruce also worked as a consultant and assisted in the integration of government job seek databases with a web based system. He was able to help resolve data integration problems and assist the programmers that were contracted to develop the web based system.

In 2004, Bruce developed an extranet for Oxfam Community Aid Abroad, a multinational non for profit organization. The web based system integrated forums, calendar, document sharing and mailing lists and allowed staff in multiple locations to co-ordinate collaboratively. Bruce also worked as a tutor and consultant on a number of third year university website design projects. These projects varied from e-commerce websites to database websites that collected and reported upon information entered.

Bruce and Jeanee Andrewartha received government funding to start their business, Passion Computing. The business has been trading for 16 years and has had clients as diverse as IBM business consultants, marketing companies and consultants, colleges, online entrepreneurs, online traders, business professionals, non for profit community organizations, small businesses, and authors. Passion Computing has worked for companies and individuals in the US, Europe and Australia. Its expertise has enabled it to prosper in a market that is highly competitive and in an industry where over 80% of IT projects fail to achieve project goals. Our consultancy and programming background ensure that project goals are met, if not exceeded. We have developed software in both open source software and ASP, ASP.net and MS SQL. Bruce is also proficient in creating creative designs that are compliant to w3.org standards, and numerous other computer languages and programs, including Java script, Flash, HTML, PHP, My SQL, and Passion Computing is passionate about the internet and website usability.

In the sixteen years that Passion Computing has been trading, it has worked on a diverse range of projects from online dating websites, directory websites with full text searching capabilities, bespoke corporate CMS systems, facebook applications, membership websites, photography websites, small business websites for publishers, retailers, wholesalers, and numerous HTML websites that required search engine optimisation and flash programming. Very few website development companies have our breadth of experience or passion for the internet.



Bruce has organized an independent youth camp and been a youth leader. He is an avid skater, cyclist, plays the guitar and computer games and dabbles in electronics when he has the time. He has worked as an electrician, electrical fitter, maintenance fitter, and has restored old cars. His problem solving background has enabled him to integrate new technologies into user friendly systems and find solutions to difficult programming problems.

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Jeanee Andrewartha 

Jeanee Andrewartha, graduated from Bachelor of Arts (Monash University), with majors in Statistics and English and a minor in Drama and Theatre Studies. Jeanee is a high achieving graduate, who has strong writing skills and knowledge in statistics enables her to combine the fields of language and search engine optimization. She can competently analyze website for usability and enjoys creating top ranking websites.  She is responsible for ensuring that communication with clients is effective and consistent.

Jeanee has worked as an editor of community newsletters and college magazines. She has led youth groups and worked as a convenor of Amnesty International and she has sat on the Board of the co-operative and been responsible for making business decisions like ordering, membership, staffing and marketing. In her role at the co-operative, she used mailing lists and updated the website regularly and was able to understand the advantages and disadvantages of using technology for communication. She has used e-commerce systems extensively and understands the need for testing and usability analysis and the importance of copywriting in internet sales and usability.

Jeanee has worked on a number of projects in her role at Passion Computing and her holistic understanding of web based systems enables her to effectively communicate technical jargin in a way that clients understand. The understanding that clients are able to achieve enables them to tailor systems to meet their business needs.

Jeanee writes articles and these articles are referenced by U.S. universities and Australian newspapers. Jeanee understands the need for system design to be user friendly and as an avid reader, she is abreast on changes in technology and how people use it. Jeanee in her consulting role advises on usability issues, programming, copywriting, internet security, website design and layout and search engine optimization.

"The internet is an exciting medium that connects people and is transforming the way we live, work and play." Jeanee Andrewartha


Jeanee is the founder of myheartsisters.com , an international website that provides information and support for women who are diagnosed with Peripartum Cardiomyopathy. She adopts a holistic approach to life, education and health and has been involved in the organic food movement for almost 20  years, home educated her children and through a balance of natural and conventional therapies, nutrition and lifestyle changes she recovered from postpartum cardiomyopathy.

Jeanee is highly analytical and has also tutored Maths and English at year 12 level and volunteered as a youth leader in a local Church. She has worked for both large and small organisations. She loves to write, cook, bike ride, rollerblade and reads widely.



Julian Michael Andrewartha

Julian is a talented graphic designer and visual artist and very thorough in his work, which is always of a high quality. He has worked on small business projects which include graphic design of logos and artwork for print (business cards, letterheads, banners, tshirts) and web.

His educational qualifications include

  • a Diploma of Graphic Design, 
  • Certificate IV in Visual Arts
  • Certificate III in Media

In 2014,  he was a finalist for the President's Award at The Gordon TAFE

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