Change of Legal Ownership


Change of Legal Ownership for Australian domains


A common misunderstanding is that a change the legal ownership of an Australian domain name can be done by doing a domain transfer. This is not the case. The Australian Central Registry requires that you pay a fee and lodge a formal change of legal ownership, where both parties agree to the change.

If you do not complete the process of legally changing ownership of your domain, you may be using a domain name that you not the legal registrant for.

If you have bought a  business, it is important to check that the change of legal ownership of your domain has been processed and your business details are listed correctly and assigned to the correct ABN, ACN, BN or Trademark Number.

To check the registration details for an Australian domain name, visit , enter your domain name and the 'control text' and the website will tell you who is listed as the legal registrant of the domain name.

If you are not listed as the registrant, you will need to do a Change of Legal Ownership.

The cost involved to change legal ownership, is as follows:

  • $99 which includes a new 2 year registration for your Australian domain.

All change of legal ownerships will forfeit any remaining time on the domain name registration and a new registration term will commence after the change of legal ownership is processed.

How do I lodge a change of legal ownership


Firstly, you need to transfer the domain name to us, so that we can assist you.

Transferring your domain name is free and you should NOT renew the domain name on transfer because a new domain name registration is required after a change of legal ownership.

See Transfer domains for how to transfer your domain name to us. It is usually fairly straightforward to transfer a domain name but if you have any problems, please let us know.

Then, after the domain has been transferred, login and under the ORDERS tab, click .au Registrant Name Change

Complete the forms and pay the invoice, and we will process your change of legal ownership and notify you when the registrant details have been updated.

You can contact us and let us know that you have put in a change of legal ownership request or if you have any questions about the process or require any assistance.

Please note: Australian domain names must be registered for a minimum of 6 months before you can do a change the legal ownership.

Cost of change of legal ownership is $99 which includes 2 year registration of your domain name.

Common Reasons for changing legal ownership
  1. Buying a new business
  2. Buying a domain name from another person or company
  3. Transferring legal ownership of your domain name from a sole trader to company, partnership to company, company to trust, etc.
Common Reasons why you may be able to change or update the registry database without having to lodge a change of legal ownership

Circumstances under which a registrar may process a correction to registrant  details that do not require a change of legal ownership include:

a) where the registrar or the registrant submitted incorrect data at the time of registration (eg. to correct a misspelling of the registrant’s name);

b) where the domain name was incorrectly registered to the wrong party (eg. the domain name was registered in the name of a company employee instead of the name of the company);

c) where the domain name was incorrectly registered in the name of the reseller or other agent (website developer, web designer, advertising agent, etc) who arranged the registration; and

d) where otherwise authorised by auDA.

If you feel that you fall into any of the above categories, please transfer your domain name to us and email us as to the reason why you require a registry update and we can assist you in updating the registry with the correct details.

 For more information on auDA policy see,