Editing zone files

All our hosting services will allow you to edit your zone file. You will need to login, click on the link with the domain name you wish to edit. Then if you have ordered free dns hosting or have a hosting service with us, you will see the link icon "Zone Records". Click on this link and edit your zone files. 

Brief Instructions

After clicking "Zone Records", the a screen will appear that will show you your current zone file and you can then edit and delete and add more zone files.

Adding an A name record

To add an A name record, select "A Record" from the drop down menu. To enter a hostless A name, leave the first field blank and then enter in the ip address corresponding to that A name record. If you were creating a subdomain,  you would enter, the name of the subdomain in the "Name" field. A hostless A name record is necessary so that your domain name without the www will point to a destination.


Creating a Cname record

To create a Cname record, select on "CName Record" and fill in the hostname of the Cname record.


Adding a TXT file

Select "TXT Record" and then enter the record in the TXT field, leaving the Name field blank. If you are creating a text file for Google Apps, then you need to cut and paste this into the TXT field.


Adding an MX record

Enter the exchange record without the dot at the end and the preference number. If you enter the dot at the end of the exchange record you will get an error message. You may need to log back in, if you get this message and navigate back to the 'zone file' administration page.


Editing or deleting records

To edit or delete a record, click on the 'remove' or 'updatel';lk' link corresponding to the zone file record.

Common uses for zone file editing

To set the www and hostless A record for a domain name to point to a dedicated ip address,

This zone file means that you set your domain name to work so that when someone types in your domain name into a browser, with or without a www, the domain resolves to an ip address. The ip address should be the dedicated ip address of your server.

There should be a www A reoord and corresponding ip address and a hostless A name record corresponding to the same ip address. An the ip address is commonly the dedicated ip address of the server that is hosting the website.


Last Step: Change your Name Server Records

Changing your name server records

Before DNS Hosting will work, you will need to change your name server records.

Navigate to the link Domain Names, and then navigate to the bottom of this page and enter the following name servers.


And remove the other name server records.

It will then take 24-48 hours to propogate these changes across the internet network but often much sooner.

We advise that if you want to see your domain name resolving to your website files sooner, do not be tempted to visit your domain name because your ISP will hold the old address (pre changes you have just made) in its cache. If you are concerned that you have not filled in the fields properly, log back in and navigate to these pages and check that all the information has been entered in correctly. Usually, if you return in a few hours and enter your domain name into the address bar of your browser, you will see the changes that you have made working.

Problems or questions, email sales(at)passioncomputing.com.au