Managing Domains


Managing Your Domain Name Account


After you register a new domain or transfer an existing domain name to Passion Computing, an account will be created for you. You will be able to login with a username and password, to your account and administer your domain. Your password and username are generated by the system and if you ever need to retrieve them, go to the login page, click on forgotten password and enter your domain name. You password will be sent by email and your username will display on the following page.

The domain name admin area has a simple design which makes it easy to: LOGIN to your ACCOUNT to do the following

  • edit your contact details.
  • renew domain names and hosting
  • order web hosting
  • assign your authoritative name server records. ie delegate your name server records to point to your hosting company
  • order and use domain forwarding (free and optional service)
  • order and use DNS management. (free and optional service)
  • register additional domain names without having to re-enter contact and business details. Please note: If you wish to register additional domain names with one account, you should login before you register the domain name, so that your additional domain names will be added to your existing account.
  • Cancel domain forwarding or change the url that the domain name is being forwarded to
  • Edit zone files with all hosting services
  • Cancel DNS Management
  • You will also be able to order web hosting by logging into your domain name management. Once your hosting is set up, all access to email and web hosting can be done using the same username and password.
Online Domain Name Management


Login with the username and password sent to you by email after the domain was registered or transferred. You can click on the forgotten password link to retrieve your login details if you have misplaced them.

You then click on the link name of your domain and a number of icons will appear that will be links to the following;

Name Servers: You edit your primary and secondary name server hostname and ip address to direct your domain name to your web hosting company's services. If you are using, our services the hostname and ip addresses, should be as below. These settings are automatically set up for all domains registered through us. Your hosting company will send you the name server records that you will need to use to point your domain name to their services. 

NB: Your primary and secondary name servers must belong to the same family. This means that your name servers must belong to the same company. Many people make the mistake to use the secondary 2 and secondary 3 name server records of an unrelated hosting account. It is usual to only have one primary and one secondary name server records and unless your hosting company or DNS service provider gives you 4 name server records, you should not attempt to group 2 sets of unrelated name server records because it will return an error in the DNS system. Use only name server records supplied to you  - do not mix and match your own combination of name server records. 



Updating your Name Server Records

Once you are logged in, and you need to click on your domain name.

You will then see the link "Domain Names", click on this link.

Here you can edit your name server records by adding new name servers and deleting your old name server records. The following name servers match the following domain name products.


Name server records



Business Web
Advanced Web
Premium Web
Domain Manager
Cloud Business Email
Standard Cloud Hosting
Business+ Cloud Hosting
Premium Cloud Hosting





Personal cPanel Hosting
Business cPanel Hosting
Enterprise cPanel Hosting

Please login to your hosting to view name server records


It will then take 24-48 hours to propogate these changes across the internet network but often much sooner.


If you have bought hosting elsewhere, you will need to ask your hosting company for the correct name server records and update the name server records accordingly.