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Global Domain Names 

There are no eligibility requirements for global domains, and global domain names are registered on a first come, first served basis. 

If the .com version of your business name or trademark is available you should immediately register the domain name, because someone else can register it, if you do not. Domain name registration comes with free domain name redirection and free online management.

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What are the new requirements for global domain names since June 2014?

RAA 2013 now requires all registrars of record to validate the registrant's postal address and contact email address. This validation process only applies to gTLD domains, and must be completed whenever:

  • a new domain is registered;
  • a domain is transferred in; or
  • an update is made to contact details on a domain.
Email address validation: 

Registrants will be sent an email notice (and subsequent reminder notices, if applicable) requesting they validate their email address by clicking on a link within the message. The contact email address must be validated within 15 days or the domain name is at risk of being suspended.

Postal address validation: 

Validation will be automatically performed using a third party global address database supplied by Google and a warning will be displayed at the time of entry. If an invalid postal address is submitted, the domain name is at risk of being suspended.

Due to GDPR, the whois information for registrants of global domain names is now Redacted. You are no longer able to see the name or contact details of a global domain name.

$70 for 2 year .Asia domain name registration


In order to qualify for .asia domain name, your business, organisation or community group must be located in one of the Asia-Pacific countries. Australia is considered an Asia-Pacific country. You must have at least one local contact who resides in one of the Asia-Pacific countries.  

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