DNS Management

Advanced DNS Management is a service that allows you to edit the zone file of your domain name, so that you can point your domain name to a static ip address, create CName records and MX records. Most users will not utilize advanced DNS Management, and will simply delegate the authoritative name server to their hosting company by administering their NS records. and their hosting company will create the necessary zone files for their domain name to work. This is not to be confused with domain forwarding, which involves redirecting a domain name to another URL. Most domain name registrars do not provide you with Advanced DNS Management or domain name forwarding. We give you the choice to use our competitively priced hosting or your own hosting. It's your domain name and you have the choice of  how you use it.

Examples of Advanced DNS Management

  • redirecting your domain name to a static ip assigned your office or home computer. This allows you to host your website, intranet or database on your local computer
  • redirecting your domain name to a dedicated server located in a datacenter. This is a better alternative than using the same dedicated server as a name server and a web server because if you dedicated server fails, your name server will also fail to resolve. By having an external name server record that is on  a different server to your dedicated server, you can redirect your zone file records to an alternative server.
  • more control to create subdomains and create addtional MX records. Most web hosting providers do not give you advanced domain name management and therefore,  you are limited to the number of subdomains, Cname, MX and A records that you can create and edit. (if you are hosting your site with a hosting company, your website must have a static ip for you to utilize advanced DNS management. If your hosting company does not provide you with a static ip, then you will not be able to use Advanced DNS Management, you must use your hosting company's name servers. Most websites are hosted on shared ip addresses and you will need to ask your hosting provider if they provide you with a static ip address.  All our web hosting plans come with the ability to edit zone files. Not all hosting providers offer you that ability.
  • Direct the mail associated with your domain name to a local office server, whilst still directing website traffic to the server hosted in your hosting company's datacenter
  • Creating Cname records for google applications 
  • Creating Aname records and Cname records for Google's Adsense for Domains
  • Creating Txt file and MX records for Google Email App
  • Pointing www A name record to an ip address

If you are simply looking to redirect your domain name to a URL, then read domain name forwarding, advanced DNS features are more suited to businesses that require access to the edit the zone files of their domain name. 


You cannot delegate your NS records to your hosting company's name servers and use Advanced DNS Management. You must delegate the name servers to


Updating your Name Server Records

Once you are logged in, and you need to click on the link with your domain name.

You will then see the icon link "Name Servers", click on this link and scroll down to the bottom of this page to update your name server records.


How to set up dns hosting: