Domain Forwarding

Redirect your domain name to any URL. Domain name forwarding (both standard and framed forwarding) is available free with all domain name registrations and transfers. It is a free monthly service that continues so long as your domain is managed with us.

Domain forwarding allows you to redirect a domain name to another URL and you can either mask the destination URL (framed forwarding) or have the show the destination url (standard forwarding). Domain name registration includes free domain name forwarding, and administration access to your domain name.

If you are currently with another registrar who does not provide domain name forwarding, all you need to do is transfer your domain name to us and once this process is complete, you will be able to make use of domain forwarding at no charge.

Domain transfers are also free, though if you are transferring a global domain name, you will just need to renew your domain name for an additional year. Email forwarding for one email address is included with domain forwarding.


Once your domain is registered or transferred, you are able to login and order free domain name forwarding and redirect your domain name to any URL .To do this click "Add Services" link next to the domain name, then click "Add Hosting" and select Domain Manager which might say /month but will be ongoing so long as the domain is under our management. Complete the order which will be charged at zero dollars.

There is no charge for URL Forwarding(Domain Forwarding)/DNS Hosting" and it will continue to be free. rolling over from month to month until you cancel it.

You will receive an email when your domain name forwarding service has been set up (usually within an hour) but allow up to 24 hours or you can simply login to check that the service has been activated. Once the service has been activated, you will then be able to configure it to redirect to your destination URL.

Setting up Domain forwarding to destination URL


  1. Login to your domain name management with your username and password.
  2. Choose your domain from the Overview page by clicking on the link name
  3. If you have ordered free domain name forwarding/dns hosting, you will see the link in the left hand menu Domain Redirector. Click on this link.
  4. Then turn on "Redirection Status" to ON and enter the destination URL and enable or disable cloaking. If cloaking is enabled you can also enter in Title, Description, Keywords but if you wish to redirect your domain name without hiding the destination URL, you can disable cloaking.

Changing your name server records

Before domain name forwarding will work, you will need to check that your name server records are set to the ones below.

Navigate to Dashboard, and click on the Update Name Servers Icon and it will display the current record.

Click Set Default for the following to automatically be entered

Then click Update

It will then take 24-48 hours to propogate these changes across the internet network but often much sooner.

We advise that if you want to see your domain name resolving to your website files sooner, do not be tempted to visit your domain name because your ISP will hold the old address (pre changes you have just made) in its cache. 


If you have any problems, please contact us from your registrant email address, and send the name of your domain, the destination url and whether you want standard forwarding or framed forwarding. If you do not indicate the type of domain forwarding we will choose standard forwarding.



Examples of domain forwarding

Some common uses for domain forwarding are 

  • redirecting a domain name to an ebay store URL or any other online store
  • redirecting a domain name to Facebook page, Twitter account or profile or LinkedIn profile
  • redirecting a domain name to free space on your ISP's network
  • redirecting a domain name to a blog (or free dns management could also be used)
  • redirecting additional domains to a URL on your main website - you can choose to redirect it to the homepage or any other page on your website.
  • redirecting additional domain names to a company website or homepage to protect trademarks, common misspellings, product names, etc
  • redirecting different domain name extensions to main website or any page on many website. eg. Domain forwarding a to a .com website or visa versa.

Domain forwarding is not to be confused with Advanced DNS Management (a service that is also free but with slightly different configuration), which allows you to redirect a domain name to a static ip address. Common uses of DNS services, include

  • redirecting a domain name to a computer located in your office or home. This computer must have a static ip and your ISP must allow you to utilize your static ip in this way. A static ip will allow you to edit the zone file of a domain name to a local computer or server, which may be beneficial especially if you you want your computer to be remotely accessible by a domain name for the purposes of an intranet, database and accounting or if you have the technical skills to host your own website.

Why use domain forwarding?

It is much easier to remember a domain name than to remember a URL.

The second reason for registering a domain name is having some control over your branding. If you are an ebay store owner and you send out flyers with the URL of your ebay store, if for some reason, you decide to no longer sell through ebay, you have no way of redirecting the traffic from your flyers to your new website address. It also means that people associate your business with ebay. If you had a domain name, your customers could recommend their friends to go to your website address to buy your product but if you have an ebay website address, it is unlikely that you will get a lot of "word of mouth" referrals because people will inadvertently type in the wrong URL and once you stop being an ebay seller your content will no longer appear.

Your domain name is highly transportable and an excellent marketing tool and if you decide later on to have an ecommerce website built, then you can simply cancel domain name forwarding and resolve your domain name to your new website.

The third reason why you would want to use domain name forwarding is to protect your trademarks and names associated with your business. Rather than just register the domain name for a product or service, why not automatically redirect that domain name to the URL on your company website.  The URL would have information about that product and service and this will make it easier to direct people to the right area on your website.




Don't Pay for domain forwarding

Most domain names purchased in Australia do not come with free domain forwarding.

If you buy a domain name from us, forwarding is FREE and can be activated after or at the same time that you buy a new domain or transfer a registered domain name to us.

Standard or Framed Forwarding

Domain forwarding comes with the choice of standard domain forwarding or frame forwarding. Standard domain forwarding will change the domain name to the destination URL. If you choose "frame forwarding" or otherwise known as URL masking, the destination URL will not be visible, your domain name always remain in the address bar. 

Note: Domain forwarding will work with both the www and http:// prefixes.


Cancelling domain forwarding

There is no charge to cancel domain forwarding and if you decide to discontinue forwarding your domain and want to set up web hosting with your domain name, you will need to cancel domain name forwarding and edit your name server records .