Passion Computing

Passion Computing provide a personalized and holistic approach to website design and development, based on a client's needs and budget and we also provide domain registration and hosting services as standalone products.

What We Do

Custom Web design and development.

Programming in, nodejs, nextjs, react and PHP 

Wordpress, WooCommerce, Concrete5, Joomla, Ghost and custom hand coded content management systems

Custom forms, E commerce bank gateways, third party API Integration

Web Design

Passion Computing specializes in creating stunning and dynamic websites using a range of powerful technologies. With expertise in WordPress, Ghost, Node.js, Next.js, React, Concrete5, PHP, and Joomla, we are able to deliver exceptional digital experiences tailored to our clients' needs. WordPress, Concrete5 and Joomla provide robust content management systems, allowing us to build highly customizable websites with ease. For clients who require a lightweight and fast website, we utilize Ghost, Node.js, Next.js, and React to create blazingly fast and responsive platforms.

Domain Names

At Passion Computing, we provide a personalized domain name experience. We listen to our clients' needs and goals, offering guidance throughout the process. From suggesting creative domain names to assisting with transfer and setup, we go above and beyond for a seamless experience. Our focus on building strong relationships ensures a personalized solution that reflects each client's unique identity. Trust us to make your domain name purchase professional and enjoyable, setting you up for success online.

Hosting and Email

We provide comprehensive hosting services and Office 365 solutions tailored to our clients' needs. Our reliable infrastructure and advanced technologies ensure high performance and security. With flexible hosting plans and Office 365's productivity tools, we streamline workflows, enhance collaboration, and empower teams. Our dedicated support team ensures a smooth experience. Partner with us for hosting and Office 365 solutions that drive your success in the digital landscape.

Override the digital divide with additional clickthroughs from DevOps.

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  • Custom Wordpress templates

    Custom Wordpress templates

    We specialize in delivering custom WordPress templates that perfectly match our clients' unique vision and requirements. Our team of skilled designers and developers works closely with clients to understand their brand identity, target audience, and desired functionality. With a meticulous approach, we create tailor-made templates that are visually stunning, user-friendly, and optimized for performance. By leveraging the power of WordPress's flexible framework, we ensure seamless integration of custom features and functionalities. Whether it's a portfolio website, e-commerce platform, or blog, our custom WordPress templates provide a solid foundation for our clients' online presence. With our expertise and attention to detail, we deliver WordPress templates that exceed expectations and empower our clients to stand out in the digital landscape.

  • Custom E commerce websites

    Custom E commerce websites

    Custom e-commerce websites are tailor-made online platforms designed to meet the specific needs and requirements of individual businesses. Unlike pre-built templates or generic solutions, custom e-commerce websites offer unparalleled flexibility and personalization. They are crafted to reflect the unique brand identity and user experience desired by the business, enhancing customer engagement and loyalty. With custom e-commerce websites, businesses can integrate advanced features and functionalities, enabling seamless transactions, efficient inventory management, and personalized customer interactions. Additionally, these websites are scalable, adaptable, and can accommodate future growth, ensuring a sustainable and future-proof online presence. By investing in a custom e-commerce website, businesses can gain a competitive edge in the digital marketplace, establish a distinct online presence, and ultimately drive greater success and growth in their e-commerce endeavors.

  • Powerful blog site with video integration

    Powerful blog site with video integration

    The power blog site with video integration is a dynamic and engaging online platform that combines the best of written content and multimedia elements to captivate its audience. Through a seamless integration of videos within its blog posts, this site elevates the storytelling experience and enriches the user's journey. Whether it's informative tutorials, captivating interviews, or visually stunning travel vlogs, the video content complements the written articles, providing a comprehensive and immersive experience. This innovative approach not only enhances the site's visual appeal but also appeals to a wider audience, accommodating various learning preferences and interests. The power blog site with video integration stands at the forefront of content creation, offering a diverse range of compelling media that sparks curiosity, encourages interaction, and fosters a strong community of loyal readers and viewers.

I am extremely grateful to Jeanee and Bruce for their professional and patient approach in changes to my website and web hosting. Jeanee responds quickly to any questions I have, which are a lot lately! Passion Computing continues to help me get my business up and running, I am happy to recommend their services to anyone who needs a competent, professional and speedy service that doesn't charge the earth. Thank you!